An ode to a Bundt pan

Lemon Cake

Having purchased my very first bundt pan this year, they’re all I seem to want to make lately. Perhaps it’s the excitement of having a new toy to play with, or perhaps it’s the lack of bake ware in my mother’s kitchen…I’m not sure. Regardless, I am always so enthralled when watching a shapeless batter morph into a perfectly cast bundt, taking on every curve and dip of my Nordic Ware Fleur De Lis; the transformation is almost magical!

Tonight, however, I thought I would switch things up a bit. Get a little cray cray with a loaf pan! To my horror and dismay, instead of the tantalizing scent of meyer lemons wafting through my kitchen, the acrid odor of burnt plastic filled the air.

The culprit of my lemon cake‘s undoing? This evil little vintage loaf pan.
It claims to be microwave and oven friendly, but these are horrible deceitful lies!
Oh, what I would give to reverse the process! My beautiful bundt, always so sturdy and reliable…why did I stray? Now, all I have is a dry yellowy-brown loaf which still smells slightly of plastic.

This is what I get for cheating on my cast aluminum baby. Should’ve known…should’ve known.

Sliced Lemon Cake
(Powdered sugar to hide the shame.)


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