Coffee Cake


I must confess, I don’t really understand the term “coffee cake”. One would assume that because of the word coffee, that all cakes with this namesake would contain traces of the delectable caffeinated beverage in some way. But alas, this is not true. Similarly, I also find myself irked by the concept of “tea cake”. Where’s the tea? Must they only be eaten with tea, and the former with coffee? What if I want juice…or soda…or water? Would the name then be momentarily changed to “water cake”? Doesn’t sound very appealing does it?

I suppose this isn’t really such a big deal. A cake’s a cake, after all.
I only bring this up because of the surprisingly tough time I had looking for a coffee-flavored cake recipe online! You’d think typing “coffee cake” in Google would suffice, but I guess not. I got every kind of cake but the one I wanted. Finally, “coffee pound cake” did the trick, and I stumbled upon a fairly simple recipe. I made a few small changes, using some rum extract and a lot more coffee than called for because of the type of Indonesian style kopi I used. Not such a good idea, I think. The cake turned out a little too moist for my liking, and the coffee characteristics didn’t really come through as I had hoped. Note – always use proper espresso if you can help it. It makes a difference. Next time, I might use a little coffee extract to give it more kick.


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