Educators Of The World

…I salute you.

Really though. Have you ever attempted to be a teacher? It doesn’t matter what the subject matter, it’s not an easy task no matter how you cut it.
I’ve always known teaching to be one of the more challenging professions out there, but I never fully appreciated it until today. So to all you educators out there, whether you are professional teachers/professors/tutors, parents, mentors, older siblings…BRAVO!!

I have recently volunteered my Friday evenings to teaching English at a women’s shelter, and in all my years of doing service learning and volunteer work, I must say that this has been the single most challenging duty I have encountered. From start to finish, syllabi planning to carrying out the deed, it’s hard and oftentimes thankless work. I now realize how much planning and dedication must go into being a teacher, because it’s not always a breeze to fill an hour constructively, nor is it easy to concentrate when you have pupils of all ages and personalities distracting each other (or you).

Because of the classroom situation I have going on, it is a mixture of adults and children – some of whom speak no English at all, which makes it all the more challenging. So if anyone else out there has encountered a similar group dynamic, I am begging you to share your secrets with me PLEASE!

Now, excuse me while I write thank you (and apology) notes to all my former educators!



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