Diets, Disneyland & Skinny Jeans

My birthday resolution for myself this year was to take a stab at being healthy.
Not that I’ve been supremely unhealthy in the past, but leaving home at 19 and fending for my own dinners resulted in many Lean Cuisines and bowls of cereal on the nights that I was either too tired or too lazy to cook. The thing is, I can cook. I’m not afraid of a spatula, but the kitchen can seem awfully far away when you’ve spent all day and night pouring your energy into assignments, exams, and research papers amirite?

So as the years went on, my size fluctuated, and now that I am 27 and I actually have a little time to myself, I figure…why the heck not? Let’s do this! So here I am, a fan of food, a lover of salt and sugar, a distant acquaintance to exercise, and an insomniac (they say sleep affects one’s weight and health). Fabulous! I have my work cut out for me. :/

As with almost every woman, I’ve spent years of my life toying with various diets, attempting a couple of bottles of slimming pills here and there, going to the gym then giving up, and hating myself in the end. But this time, I’ve got money on the line. Maybe that will be a bit more of a motivator than just the usual wanting to be healthier and wanting to fit into my old jeans. I made a bet with a girlfriend that if we both lose XX lbs, we’d go to Disneyland as a reward. Now, I don’t know about you…but that’s a bet I want to win. Not only that, but I’d like to confidently wear a crop top once in my life (before I’m 30)!

We’ll see how this goes…



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