Friendship-Mending Orecchiette

Boundaries. What a concept huh? For those of you who grew up in collectivist cultures as I did, lived with siblings, or in multi-generational homes (or even had roommates,) you know how important yet difficult it is to set personal boundaries with others. Not only can it be awkward and frustrating to set them without being […]

Dulce de Leche Brownies (Eggless)

I have discovered in the past couple of years that I have an egg allergy. Due to a dear friend’s advice, I omitted eggs from my diet after she relayed her sister’s story of skin sensitivity due to an intolerance of eggs to me. Willing to try anything in the quest for better skin, I […]

Procrastibaking: Drunken Banana Marble Cake

Today, I find myself in my second year of grad school and on the cusp of starting my big scary internship. This terrifies me – thoughts of “How did I get here?” and “I’m so not qualified for this!” have been running through my mind since school started back up in September. On top of all […]

Apple Berry Friendship Crumble

Have you ever had one of those friendships where you never really realized what the person was like until you spent a significant amount of time with them? All of a sudden, things become clearer – complaints about their personality and neediness/clinginess become all too apparent and you finally GET why others have ditched the […]

Coffee Cake

I must confess, I don’t really understand the term “coffee cake”. One would assume that because of the word coffee, that all cakes with this namesake would contain traces of the delectable caffeinated beverage in some way. But alas, this is not true. Similarly, I also find myself irked by the concept of “tea cake”. […]

Blowouts & Hot Chocolate

As the tail end of my brand new tube of face wash exploded open with a disgusting squelching noise, I watched in helpless horror as my $12 purchase plastered itself all over the bathroom wall, looking like a purple Rorschach test, and smelling of grape bubblegum. “Wonderful!”, I think. Just what I need. I hate […]

An ode to a Bundt pan

Having purchased my very first bundt pan this year, they’re all I seem to want to make lately. Perhaps it’s the excitement of having a new toy to play with, or perhaps it’s the lack of bake ware in my mother’s kitchen…I’m not sure. Regardless, I am always so enthralled when watching a shapeless batter […]