Haters Gonna Hate

In Chinese, we have an expression – “xiao ren”; it’s the same in Malay – “orang kecil”. What this translates to is “small person”, referring to the negative people in one’s life who tend to be around just to cause trouble (i.e., Haters). We have all been there right? The bitchy coworker who is particularly […]

Perceptions of Gender

I read a brilliant article today on the idea of female “purity” and society’s perception thereof. I agree with many of the things the author, Lindy West, mentioned and was especially struck by her analysis of patriarchal ideologies behind judgements against women. The article mainly focused on her perspective of masculine placement of blame upon […]


To continue on this week’s theme of anti-discrimination posts, I thought I’d share my experiences of bullying with you. If you’ve read my most recent post on racism, you’ll know that I am an advocate for standing up for yourself and others, as well as knowing your rights because knowledge is power. For me, it […]

PSA: Racism in America

Rosa Parks is quoted to have said: “Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.” This saying is especially apt today, as I found myself being cyber-stalked and harassed by a relative of someone close to me.  It is never a pleasant feeling to […]